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Welcome to The Far East!

Fartha-Kor is a fatalistic land full of mysteries and wonders. It is the last vestige of the ancient Dragonborn empire known as Arkhosia. Dragons now rule over the Dragonborn and the other denizens of Fartha-Kor. Rivals vie for power over the land and war wages across it in the names of the many nations of Fartha-Kor.

Quick Summary

Fartha-Kor is a land set in the “Core World” of Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition, and uses bits and pieces from the Rokugan Campaign Setting, 3rd Edition. It is a land that is influenced mainly by Japanese Culture, as well as a little Chinese, Korean, etc… This is an adventure setting for Dungeons And Dragons but can be adopted for any other types of Role Playing Game. I hope you enjoy the journey!

History and Geography

Religion & Philosophy


Fartha-Kor is a fatalistic land that is filled with a firm belief in station and role. The Dragons rule, the farmers farm, the soldiers fight, and the fisherman fishes. This is the way of the world and the balance that must be preserved at all cost. Nothing represents this world view better than the philosophies that have been developed and practiced in Fartha-Kor over thousands of years. These philosophies were not created to guide the lives of the common people, rather they are philosophies meant to guide those who lead. As such it is an incredibly important aspect to life in Fartha-Kor, even if the common folk do not pay such things much mind.

While hundreds, if not thousands of these philosophies exist and are practiced, only three remain relevant in modern times. Although almost every bureaucrat, Dragon, Dragonborn, or noble will adhere to one of The Three Philosophies, there is significant variance in how the philosophy is practiced. There is no orthodoxy, thus one follower of one philosophy may rule considerably different from another.


The Draconic Pantheon is the main pantheon in which the denizens of Fartha-Kor worship, due to the dragon rulers. Shrines to the “Core Pantheon” can be found in Fartha-Kor but are relatively rare.


Though many of the races of Fartha-Kor can be found through out the rest of Toril they can be viewed and seen very differently within the lands of Fartha-Kor.


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